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MFIII VP Softgels Advanced Formula

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MFIII VP Softgels Advanced Formula (Dermacenta*) is another incredible all-natural health and anti-aging innovation brought to you by the world-renowned MFIII of Switzerland. It is a fresh and advanced version of the highly popular and very effective Vegetal Placenta Capsules (VP capsules) product. Like its counterparts in this amazing line of age-defying products, MFIII VP Advanced Formula Softgels are fully researched and developed in Switzerland. This formula is touted as an advanced product because it boasts new cutting-edge ingredients. For overall better health and an invigorated body, mind and spirit, choose MFIII VP Softgels Advanced Formula!

Dermacenta* is extracted from the cell cultures of a particularly rare species of a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) organic plant. Dermacenta is rich in Amino Acids, particularly Alanine and Proline, and is hydrolyzed by enzymes and biostimulins.

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