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Elix Aura Premium Sheep Placenta

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✓ Improve and revitalize skin appearance at a cellular level

✓ Finer complexion and even skin tone with reduced dark spots

✓ Lightened facial pigmentation and refined facial pores

✓ Rebuild collagen and elastin with improved Elasticity and firmness

✓ Decrease redness and inflammation .

✓ 100% Natural Ingredients free from chemicals

✓ Re-balance oily acne prone skin

✓ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles / crow’s feet

✓ Repair damaged skin and slow down premature aging

✓ Maintain moisture and retain skin hydration

✓ Reduce dark circles and puffiness around your eyes

✓ Fast recovery and wound healing

✓ Reduce scars and rebuild scar tissue

✓ Radiate your skin naturally

✓ Renewed elasticity - particular areas of sagging skin - chin, neck & bust


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✓ Delay symptoms of age

✓ Delay and reduce pre-menopausal symptoms for men and women

✓ Stop night sweats and have better sleep quality

✓ Fast relief from irregular menstrual cycle

✓ Relieve muscle cramps and improve circulation and flexibility

✓ Strengthen joints and muscles

✓ Stimulate and renew hair follicles

✓ Increase Growth and shine to your hair

✓ Lower cholesterol and boost energy

✓ Daily relief from incontinence

✓ Strengthen immune system against diseases and colds

✓ Experience stronger libido and Stamina

✓ Sheep Placenta proven sex food for body

✓ Speed up metabolism and firm body

✓ Enhance energy and stop fatigue

✓ Better quality of sleep and wake up refreshed

✓ Strengthen brain functions and cognitive health

✓ Treat dysmenorrhea

✓ Conquer insomnia

✓ Promote Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

✓ Natural pain relief

✓ Stress relief - reduce tension and worry and feel calm

✓ Stop anxiety and panic attacks

✓ Gain mental energy and concentration

✓ Healthy brain food - manage work life balance

✓ Adult natural quality sleep support

✓ Strengthen thinning hair and hair loss

✓ Increase metabolic rate and burn fat

✓ Balance thyroid problems

✓ Burn calories and stabilize weight

✓ Support sick and injured organs

✓ Colds and flus reduced with a strengthened immune system

✓ Reduce tummy fat after pregnancy